Morning Prayer For Moms of Small Children

Dear God,

As I begin this day with my little ones, please help me to remember that they are children, and that I am the grown-up.

Help me to expect and embrace that they will be childish because they cannot help it.

And help me to repent quickly of that behavior when I see it reflected in my own heart.

Give me the perspective to see that my tantrums and pouting set a bad example, and that I am the one who is old enough to know and do better. 

Grant me eyes to see them as the blessings you say they are in the midst of their toys on the floor, their dramatic tears, their silliness, their overreactions, their noise, their neediness, and their immaturity.

Let me not grow weary of answering their questions, or bending to lift them up, or helping them do things that are too big for them.

Help me love them as you love me, patiently, tolerating my ignorance and faults, and forgiving me immediately when I repent of my sin.

Show me, in the way my boys play today, the spark of the men they will be when they grow up, and help me to encourage and nurture that in them.

But help me not to overlook who they are right now, at this exact moment.

Keep me from allowing my so-called “maturity” to diminish their wonder, zeal, and faith.

And remind me that you said I need to be like them to enter the kingdom of heaven, not the other way around (Matthew 18:3). 

Be with us today, Lord Jesus.