What Do Our Kids Really Need to Know About God?

I love Berenstain Bears books. I grew up reading them, and they’re so sweet and practical. And since they have a few titles about the real meaning behind Easter, I always assumed the authors were Bible-believing Christians. So when I saw a book called, “Berenstain Bears and the Big Question” on the shelf at  my library on Monday without giving it much thought.

Then we read it this morning, and I couldn’t have been more disappointed.

It portrays the Bear family as one who is usually too busy to go to church, but when they do, it gives them a chance to think about “big questions.” When Sister asks the big question, “What is God?” Mama tells her the only thing she needs to knows is that God made everything.

Is that really all our kids need to know? What about sin and forgiveness? What about Jesus and the cross? What about how God had revealed himself through His Word? What about spending our lives for the gospel? The scope of who God is and what that means to us cannot reduce him to the simple role of Creator. He is that, but He is also so much more.

Raising kids who love Jesus takes more than going to church once in awhile and saying grace before meals. If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that. But the world will try its hardest to convince us that regular church attendance and obedience to the Bible’s commands is radical. That it’s more normal to think of God as a big grandpa in the sky who wants us to be nice, and that Christmas and Easter is enough church for our families.

That kind of thinking leads to lukewarm faith.

And over a few generations, it will lead to no faith at all. 

The good news is, there are better picture books about faith and family to snuggle up and read with your kids, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites here today, in case you and your littles want to have quality time over a good book, but not have to spend a long time afterward explaining the points the book got wrong (like we had to do over breakfast this morning!) 

The Garden, The Curtain and the Cross

Halfway Herbert

The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village

The Big Picture of What God Always Wanted

Because I Love You

The Donkey Who Carried the King

The Squire and the Scroll

We love and own all of these books and have read them each many, many times. What picture books does your family read to encourage faith in your home?


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