Gifts to Encourage Faith in Your Home


I love giving my kids gifts, but I hate spending money on useless jumk that I know will end up in the trash in a couple of weeks. Do you know what I mean?

If I’m going to invest my hard-earned money into stuff for my family, I want it to (mostly) be stuff that will help promote the type of cutlure I want to see in my home. And if that’s what you want for family’s Christmas, too, these are some of my very favorite gifts to encourage faith in your home. And if you’re wanting gift ideas for your grown kids, grandkids, neices and nephews, friends’ kids, or anyone else that you love, these gifts are great for that, too.

For Littler Kids

The Big Red Tractor – This excellent picture book is by Francis Chan, one of my very favorite authors. It’s a delightful story about a farmer and his tractor, but it also explains how the Holy Spirit works in our lives. It’s a great addition to any family library.

Jelly Telly subscription – Jelly Telly is a streaming service for faith-based programming. We have a monthly subscription, and it gives us access to some of my kids’ favorite shows – What’s in the Bible, Bibleman, VeggieTales,

The Jesus Storybook Bible – I feel like I recommend this all the time, but that’s probably becuase I do. It’s one of my very favorite books in our home, and one of my favorite books to give as a gift.

For Older Kids

The Wingfeather Saga – As far as novels go, I would put these right up there with The Chronicles of Narnia and Hind’s Feet on High Places when it comes to books that have had a profound impact on my faith. I talk about the series at length here if you want to learn more. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough for these books.

Adventures in Odyssey CDs – I grew up listening to Adventures in Odyssey on road trips. Now, I’m getting to share them with my children. We have and love the Truth Chronicles, and the Blakgaard Chronicles are particularly compelling if you like mystery-type stories. We’re also hoping to add this Bible Eyewitness set to our library at some point soon, but you can’t really go wrong with any Adventures in Odyssey CDs you get. Also, if you’re not into buying CDs, there are digital options available both on Amazon and on the Odyssey Kids Club website, including a monthly unlimited streaming subscription.

Bible Verse Coloring Book – I like coloring with my kids when they sit down to art projects, so I got a couple coloring books (I have this one too) for myself a few years ago. But when my kids saw what I was coloring, they wanted to color from Mommy’s book. I still use them occassionaly, but mostly we keep these books on hand to give the kids something to do when they’re with the adults in service on Sunday mornings at church or at our Wednesday night adult Bible study.

For Mom and Dad

DateBox – If you’re married, your relationship with your spouse is your most important one. And taking time to connect with each other on a deep, heart-level on a regular basis is really important. For some couples, this means taking time to go out together without the kids on a regular basis. But that’s not feasible for every family. That’s what I love about these boxes – they offer evertying you need for an at-home date all in one box. And if even that is outside your price range, they have really affordable digital options with suggested activities and things to talk about. The one in November even had a link to a great Thanksgiving playlist on Spotify. Also, if you really want to swing for a night on the town, for select cities, they offer boxes with vouchers for meals and activities. All you need is a sitter. Nashville is on their list of cities, so I’m hoping we can try this at some point next year.

Keeping Kids on God’s Side – My husband, Jason, is really into apologetics (he’s actually working on an apologetics certificate right now), and he asked for this a couple of years ago. But once I saw it, I realized it was a great read for all Christian families. It really helps parents understand the whys the things we believe–like our trust in the Bible–and is a super-helpful resource in knowing how to pass those things on to our kids.

She Reads Truth Bible – Have you seen these yet? They came out earlier this year, and they are beautiful. It uses the Christian Standard Bible translation, which strikes a really good balance between textual faithfulness and readability. It’s also chock full of resources, study notes, and reading plans. They come in a bunch of colors. The binding on my Bible is falling apart. I’m going to need a new one soon, and this is one I’m seriously considering.

The Bible on Audio – Jason spends a lot of time in his car now that we live in a big metro area, and he also does a lot of work with his hands. One of his favorite ways to pass the time is listening to the Bible. This is also great for anyone who doesn’t really like to read a whole lot, and for those mornings when you really want to spend some time in God’s word, but your brain is quite awake enough to concentrate on words on a page.

For the whole family

Scripture Art – I love hanging Bible verses up around my home. Most of the ones I’ve got right know have been custom-made by an artist friend (if you’re in Southwest Missouri, check out Story Designs), but you can also find some beautiful prints and canvases at Lindsay Letters and on Etsy.

Worship Music – Nothing sets the tone for the type of enviroment we want in our home quite as well as worship music. Some of our favorites around here are Planetshakers and Elevation Worship.

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