FREE Family Devotional: 17 Days in the Book of Genesis

How does a parent take on the enormous task of raising children to serve the Lord?

This was the question that Jason, and I asked ourselves as we prepared to plant a church in 2012.

We were convinced that the very best way to influence teenagers for Christ was to reach their parents’ hearts. But once we were reaching parents, what would we tell them about how to build a solid culture of faith in their homes? And how were we supposed to do that ourselves for our own two children?

If we, as pastors who already knew and taught the Bible to others, felt intimated by the thought of passing faith on to our kids, surely other people must be feeling the same way. And what about new or untrained believers who didn’t have the benefit of years of study of Scripture the way we did? How could we help them teach their kids what the Bible says and live it out in their own homes?

So we took the method we’d developed for discussing Scripture with our youth group, and we re-imagined it for children. Every week, we gave the parents in our church a few passages of Scripture to read and discus with their kids.

I’ve taken some of those discussion questions and turned them into a 17-day devotional guide for your family that you can download for free right now.

I’m so excited to share this with you, and I pray it will be helpful for your family.

But I wrote these for myself and my own children. I need a plan, a way to know that my kids are engaging with whole Bible, not just random parts of it. So we’ll be using these devotionals as a family for the next 17 days, starting tomorrow.

I’d love it if you’d join me. 

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