An Anthem for the Stay-At-Home Mom

Sweet mama at home with your babies today, this one is for you. I know how long the days get, and how discouraging it can be when you spend all day putting out fires and it feels like nothing important got done. The work you are doing of loving and training little minds is more meaningful than you can possibly imagine. So when you need encouragement today, remind yourself of these things:

I am a stay-at-home mom.

I am NOT a stay-at-home chef.

Or a stay-at-home house-cleaner.

Or a stay-at-home errand-runner.

The reason I stay at home instead of working a full-time job is to take care of my children.

It’s nice to have a clean house, and homemade meals, and all our errands done.

But if any of those things get put on the back burner because I am spending time loving on little ones, then I still got my job done.

I am home by choice because thisĀ time when they areĀ little is a short season.

I will not waste these precious years comparing myself to others or believing the lie that I must do it all.

I will love my children well today, and let that be enough.