52-Week Bible Reading Plan

So often, when we read the Bible, we read a passage, and maybe some sort of study help, and then the next day, we move on to the next passage. It might be another year or more before we circle back to that same passage of Scripture.

But what might happen if we lingered on a particular portion of Scripture for a little bit longer, reading it again and again for an entire week? How could the Lord speak to us through His Word as we abide in just a couple chapters for an extended period of time?

That is what this Bible reading plan is designed to help you do. Each week, starting on Monday, you’ll read one passage of Scripture, usually three or four chapters long. Just do your best to read the entire passage, every day for an entire week.

And then the next week, move on to the next passage.

If you want to read through the entire Bible in a year, this Bible reading plan is not for you. You won’t even come close to reading the whole Bible. But you’ll hit a lot of the major points in the overall narrative of the Bible, and a few more obscure passages that I think will be interesting for you to read through and think about over the course of the week.

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